Japanese automaker comes up with Mini Electric Sports Car called EV Mini Sport.

It’s time for some eco-friendly auto news. Tajima Motor Corporation, Japan based auto-maker has developed a zero-emission mini sports car, calling it, EV Mini Sport. The concept of this model car was shown in early 2010, and the company says that it will ready for consumption very soon.

With single charge, you can run it for 30 KMs, when powered by 40Ah lithium-ion polymer battery. The range (mileage) will differ when it will be powered by 80Ah or 120Ah battery, which company may offer with different variant (Trim).

EV Mini sport weigh 280kgs (617 lbs) and is 2.49m (8.2 feet) long. Powered by a 0.59 kW motor, the EV Mini Sport reaches a top speed of 70km/hr. Tajima Motor corp will be selling the EV Mini Sport for US$47,800, with the base model going for US$26,000.

Source: Tech Crunch, Tajima Motor

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