BMW wants to continue the Golden Run.

The Luxury auto maker BMW wants to continue its golden run of selling highest number of luxury car. The company says that it is far ahead from it's rivals, China and USA being it's largest consumer.

The Munich-based company said on Monday that worldwide sales of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce cars rose 14.2 percent to 1.67 million last year as it sold more X3 sport untility vehicles , 5 Series models and MINIs.
Appetite for BMW's ultra-luxury cars reached a new high, with annual sales of Rolls-Royce vehicles in 2011 rising to the highest level in the company's 107-year history, jumping almost 31 percent to 3,538 cars.

Finance chief Friedrich Eichiner said last week he expected the global market for premium cars to grow at more than 8 percent this year, more than twice as fast as the overall car market, which should work in favor of BMW.

Source: Times of India

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