US Govt and Auto makers will make sure that Plug-in vehicles will be affordable in coming years.

Speaking at Detroit Economic Club, Steven Chu, US Energy secretary, said that Govt., want to see upto million plug-ins and hybrid cars by end of 2015, which some experts says the goal is over-optimistic.

In order to achieve it, aggressive steps need to be taken, he said. He reminded that govt., under Obama administration has spent more than $ 2 Billion to setup domestic battery production infrastructure, and billon more invested in electric car development.

Chu said batteries suitable for plug-in hybrids four years ago cost about $12,000 to produce.

"That's pretty expensive. We think we're on target by 2015 so that the cost of that same capacity battery will be reduced to $3,600, a really aggressive step in the right direction," Chu said.

The goal, he added, is to more than halve the cost by 2020. "Once you get a battery that's $1,500 and much less expensive electric motors, which we are also working on, then you get to a very exciting price point," he said.

- Reuters (TOI)

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