Former General Motor Executive will now be advicing Toyota

So the last month rumors were true. Mark Hogan Foremer General Motors executive has got a new post to himself as an adviser to Toyota Motor Corp. in North America.

Toyota spokeswoman Mira Sleilati in New York confirmed the relationship, but declined to say what role Hogan will take. Rumors of Hogan's move to Toyota first emerged last month.

Hogan has a 30 years of management with GM, Hogan had experience in manufacturing, vehicle development, small-car planning, Web commerce and foreign market development.

“No details have been determined,” Sleilati said in an e-mail to Automotive News. “As you know, the company has a history of working with outside experts for their perspective on the industry and other business areas.”

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Salt Lake City Toyota Prius said...

I hope the marketing experience of Hogan will automatically grow the Toyota product and its popularity. It will also be helpful to make the Toyota technically modern.

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