Post-bankruptcy GM has added nearly 7,000 jobs

The Detroit Free Press has reported that General Motors has added a total of 6,900 jobs since the automaker emerged from bankruptcy in 2009. GM vice president Steve Girsky told to local radio news in an interview. Girsky said that a portion of that figure is made up of workers who were originally laid off as part of the restructuring process and then later recalled as manufacturing picked back up. Of the nearly 7,000 jobs, 1,100 are situated in Michigan. GM has recently increased its workforce at its Delta Township and Brownstown Township facilities, amongst others.

The company has also hired around 2,800 workers at its Canadian operations as well. GM is set to release its financial statement for the most recent business quarter later this month, and Girsky says that the numbers continue to demonstrate a company on the mend. Last quarter, the company posted a $865 million profit.

While the addition of nearly 7,000 jobs is a good milestone for GM, it's important to bear in mind that the figure marks a little more than a sixth of the workers laid off during restructuring.

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