Mercedes-Benz all set ready for the launch of B-Class Electric Cars.

With the latest collaboration with BYD, Mercedes-Benz is going to manufacture electric cars on the outgoing B-class.

A lightly modified version of the car’s front-wheel drive platform will be used, according to insiders involved in the early stages of its conception.

It is said to be sold exclusively in BYD’s domestic Chinese market, the new zero-emissions hatchback will be marketed under an as-yet-undisclosed brand.

Benz is going to take advantage of the B-class’s layout, Mercedes and BYD plan to use the soon-to-be-superseded model’s flat-floor structure for the stowage of lithium ion batteries.

The floor was originally designed for that purpose, but was never utilised in series production.

Placing the batteries low down within the platform provides for a lower centre of gravity than in more conventional applications, where they are usually mounted beneath the rear seat and boot floor.

The underfloor space taken up by the standard B-class’s petrol and diesel engines will be dedicated to an electric motor that will be used to power the front wheels.

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