MMRDA proposes India's Second F1 Track.

After making road in India's captial, we may see the second proposed F1 track in India's Financial city in the state of Maharashtra near its capital Mumbai.

The state’s development agency, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), is reported to have proposed the circuit along the Mumbai-Pune expressway. The said stretch connects two of the major cities in India; the latter carries a Tier II status.

“MMRDA plans to first hold a meeting with interested parties on August 17 to take the idea forward,” said a state government official speaking to Business Standard. “The proposed site along the 93-km Mumbai-Pune expressway is ideal. However, the final site will be decided on after taking into account suggestions from those interested in investing in the project,” he added under conditions of anonymity.

The proposed area is 700 acres and the government will aim to build the circuit under private partnership. The track constructed in Noida, the Jaypee Group Circuit, is fully under private hands. The official further stated that the project would be referred to experts for their recommendations.

“The consultants will suggest whether or not the project is feasible. We have also got to discuss how the project should be structured if the private sector is involved. The cost of the project will be announced once the consultants submit their report,” he went onto explain.

The Jaypee Group Circuit that is being constructed in the North is scheduled to hold an F1 race next year and is expected to be completed by April 2011. A supposedly leaked report of the following year’s calendar suggests that the event will be held in the month of October.

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