Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes U.S. Debut

US Bugatti lover, is pocket filled with cash???  If not then fill it.  Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport, which the automaker introduced to Drive On and automotive press yesterday near Carmel, Calif.

You need to shell out $2.1 million to buy the painted version, $2.4 million to purchase one in which the translucent carbon-fiber body is observable in its rich detail. It arrives later this year.

The Super Sport adds another 299 horsepower to the 1,001-hp Bugatti Veyron 16.4 that launched in 2005. Like the prevous model, the Super Sport has a twin clutch arrangement and paddle shifter, but no clutch pedal or stick shifting. To get the extra horsepower, it adds larger turbochargers and bigger intercoolers to boost the power of the 8-liter 16-cylinder engine. The chassis has been extensively tweaked to remain safe, in order to cope with the additional power and increased speed. Revisions include a slightly raised main-spring travel, stronger stabilisers, and new shock absorbers with a complex architecture similar to which used in racing.

The car goes from zero to 100 miles an hour to zero in 9.2 seconds. Zero to 100 mph alone: 4.8 seconds. Now get this: Zero to 200 mph to zero in 25.6 seconds. And zero to 200 mph alone in 17.4 seconds.

The Super Sport's 16-cylinder engine is now fed air from two NACA ducts integrated
into the roof. The front air intakes have been expanded and reshaped, with the lower one extending elegantly around the sides to the wheel arch. The revised rear end is supposed to look sportier due to the double diffuser and a centrally arranged exhaust system.

John Hill, Bugatti marketing manager for the Americas, says the prospective buyers of the new car will include a lot of current Veyron owners who want to move up. "They don't buy them to add to something else. They buy it to add to their collection," Hill says.

Source: usatoday

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