Toyota thinks of stopping Sequoia Prodution due to snail sales.

We know that every thing has its high and low, similar is the story with Toyota's Sequoias. In 2002, Toyota was selling over 70,000 Sequoias. Last year, that number dropped to below 20,000 units.

A source speaking with confirmed that the Sequoia won't live on, partially due to slow sales, but surely in part to get Toyota's CAFE ratings in check before the new rules hit in 2015. But all's not lost for the automaker's body-on-frame offerings.

A new refreshed design of Tundra is set to arrive in 2014. Although sales of the Tundra haven't lived up to Toyota's expectations, so it will be trying its luck by redesign and some refreshment.

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oak park used Toyota dealer said...

Yeah.. Everything has its high and low. And in the case of motor it shows consecutively. The Toyota Sequoias was one of the best selling in 2002. But it lost its priority in the current days.

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