Honda accord 2008

The USDM version of the Accord Sedan is sold once again as the Honda Inspire in Japan, albeit with some minor interior and exterior changes. This means that the JDM Accord is most likely remaining a midsize, rather than fullsize, sedan, again forming the basis for the Acura TSX. Acura has confirmed a redesign of the Acura TL in 2009, following the previous two redesigns (1999 and 2004) being a year after the corresponding redesigns of the Accord (1998 and 2003). This Accord sedan is marketed as the Honda Inspire in Japan, as is with the previous generation.

Unlike the previous generation, this generation Accord does not offer a hybrid version, as Honda felt their "hybrid system works better on smaller cars". Instead, Honda offers a diesel version action of the Accord starting in the 2009 model year, which offers better fuel economy than the gasoline versions, and is 50-state emissions compliant. The Accord diesel for the US market was confirmed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, and has been unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Honda has stated that the V6 models of the Accord features better fuel efficiency due to Honda's Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) system, which shuts off 2 or 3 of the cylinders depending on the type of driving (i.e. city driving, uphill/downhill driving, highway driving). This is supposed to increase the efficiency of the V6 models while keeping the power at 268 hp (200 kW). According to the Honda press release, the Accord Coupe V6 with the 6-speed manual transmission does not feature VCM. The lack of VCM results in a decrease of 4 MPG in highway fuel economy. In addition to VCM, the new V6 model of the Accord features more advanced emissions control technology, and complies with the California "Partial Zero-Emissions Vehicle" (PZEV) category. PZEV models of the Accord are automatic only. The 2008 model year also drops the 6-speed manual transmission from the sedan version.

The Accord received several key safety updates for the 2008 model year, most notably standard vehicle stability assist (VSA) and active front head restraints for all models. These new safety features contributed to perfect crash test scores for the Accord, earning it a "Top Safety Pick" designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), an honor not bestowed upon most of the Accord's competitors.

The size of the 2008 Accord has been increased by 4 inches (102 mm) in length and 3 inches (76 mm) in width. As a result, the interior space is also enlarged: an Accord sedan without moonroof has a combined interior space of 120.0 ft³ (3.40 m³), enough to be considered a full-size car by EPA standard. An Accord sedan with moonroof is still considered a mid-size car as it has a combined interior space of 115.0 ft³ (3.25 m³). The Accord coupe is classified as a compact car, as it has a combined interior space of 104.0 ft³ (2.94 m³) without moonroof and 101.6 ft³ (2.88 m³) with moonroof.

The 2008 Honda Accord coupe and sedan were officially unveiled on August 20, 2007. Sales for the sedan started on September 12, 2007, while the coupe followed eight days later on September 20. The 2008 model has garnered somewhat positive, albeit mixed, reviews. MotorTrend criticized the car for being too heavy, feeling not so nimble as the previous model, its polarizing appearance, and for its less-than-stellar showing against the Chevrolet Malibu in their 2008 Car of the Year competition, highly uncharacteristic of the Japanese manufacturer. However, InsideLine placed it in first in a comparison against the Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, and Chevrolet Malibu, praising it for high build quality, responsive handling, and excellent fuel economy.

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Production 2008–present
Assembly Marysville, Ohio
Guangzhou, China
Class Full-size (sedan)
Mid-size (coupe)
Body style(s) 4-door sedan
2-door coupe
Engine(s) 2.4L K24Z2 I4
2.4L K24Z3 I4
3.5L J35Z2 V6
2.2L N22A2 I4 Turbodiesel (2009-)
Transmission(s) 5-speed automatic
5-speed manual
6-speed manual
Wheelbase Sedan: 110.2 in (2799 mm)
Coupe: 107.9 in (2741 mm)
Length Sedan: 194.1 in (4930 mm)
V6 Sedan: 194.3 in (4935 mm)
Coupe: 190.9 in (4849 mm)
Width Sedan: 72.7 in (1847 mm)
Coupe: 72.8 in (1849 mm)
Height Sedan: 58.1 in (1476 mm)
Coupe: 56.4 in (1433 mm)


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