Two car thieves steal one of BMW's 7-series worth $94,000 at Detroit Auto Show

Unable to resists the awesomeness of cars which were displayed at Detroit Auto show, Two car thieves got hands-on on one of BMW's 7-Series luxury sedan, worth $94,000, which was being loaded on a car carrier last night for transport back to the home office in New Jersey.

The dark gray BMW 750 I xDrive sedan stolen Wednesday night was one of about 20 vehicles being used for executive transportation in and around the auto show, said Stacy Morris, marketing communications manager for BMW of North America.

The cars were being loaded on a truck near the Westin Book Cadillac in downtown Detroit around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday when the theft occurred, she said.

The truck's driver went to grab something from inside the cab and was away from the BMW for about a minute when it was stolen, she said.

Police said a hotel valet brought the BMW flagship out of the garage and handed it over to the transporter staff. When the car wrangler stepped away, the two thieves jumped in and took off.

According to the report, the car is equipped with BMW Assist, so the company official may need not worry about that car much more, but fingers cross on what shape it will be recovered.

Via: [USA Today, Freep]

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