Which type of wheels are required to break the 1,000mph speed record?

We all know the British Bloodhound project which aims for super speeding car.

Now Researchers from Lockheed Martin UK gets a task to build a super wheel which can with stand 1000mph speed, which they aim to break in 2010.

Research being carried are said to be very critical because during the super speed the the wheel rims will turn at about 10,200rpm, or 170 complete turns each second which produces stresses as high as 150 mps(Mega pascal) (about 1.5 tonnes per square centimetre).

To be build British Bloodhound car, it will be powered by Falcon hybrid rocket and Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine, which will propel the vehicle beyond 1,000mph (1,610km/h).

Researcher had identified Aluminum alloy based wheel rim will be suitable to achieve the task and experiment are being carried out at Cambridge University.

90cm wide and weigh 97kg. aluminium alloy

Src: [BBC]

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