Volvo's Air Motion concept car, powered by compressed air.

Wouldn't it be awesome if our personal transport powered by the thing which is abundant in nature and pollution free and eco-friendly ? Yeah i am talking about the AIR.

At LA Auto show, Volvo had come up with concept design car which is purely powered by compressed air.

The Air Motion Concept is powered by compressed air, and compressed air only. It’s held within a tank, and accessed when the vehicle needs power.

Since it is powered by compressed air the self weight car should be as minimum as possible. Therefore the frame is constructed from carbon fiber, weigh just 1,000 pounds. Under the hood, instead of engine designers implemented a pneumatic motor.

When asked at the LA Auto Show how you would refuel the vehicle that runs on air, Volvo said that they believe there will be wind-powered stations ready to fill up your Air Motion Concept when the time comes.

Photo: Volvo

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