After 150 Mercedes-Benz, Aurangabad goes to book 101 BMWs in one day.

This is what i call booking(pre-order) in style. Do you recently a group of individual belonging to different fields booked Merc.. creating a record on October 14 with a single transaction worth Rs. 65 crore for 150 Mercedes-Benz cars including 13 S-(Series), 74 E-(Series), 39 C-(Series), 6 GL-(Series) and 18 M-Class cars .

Now this time a group of like-minded people, including industrialists, builders, and doctors and other professionals from the Aurangabad city have come together to book 101 BMW cars in one day.

"In all, 101 cars were booked with Bawaria Motors in Pune on Saturday. These luxurious cars include 50-60 3-Series cars, 15 5-Series cars, 10 X-5 and three X-6 series cars. We will get the delivery in January next," Pankaj Agrawal, a businessman who encouraged other members to join in the purchase of cars, told PTI.

Apart from availing discounts, this group of people want to make a mark internationally.

- PTI Inputs

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