The New Mazda2 give 70 MPG with gasoline engine alone.

Japanese Auto maker Mazda had announced that its latest car Mazda2/Demio subcompact would get fuel economy of 30 km/liter (70 mpg) without the help of an electric motor.

Mazda2 is due to launch in first half of 2011 in japan and has upgraded Mazda's next-generation gasoline and diesel engine and transmission technology, dubbed SKYACTIV.

"I promise that we will offer the Demio at a lower price than a hybrid of the same segment," Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi told a news conference .

Mazda said its new direct injection gasoline engine achieves big mileage improvements mainly due to the world's highest engine compression ratio.

This car will be the most fuel-efficient gasoline car on the road.

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CGS cat back exhaust said...

The SKYACTIV technology is really a breakthrough in the auto industry. SKYACTIV is all about efficiency; efficient engines, efficient transmissions, efficient chassis and efficient car body technology.

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