Swedish Automaker SAAB to come out with its first Electrical Car at Paris Auto Expo.

SAAB, Swedish car manufacturer owned by Dutch automobile manufacturer Spyker Cars NV to come up with its first-ever electric car which it will showcasing at the Paris motor show Sept. 30.

The car is named as ePower, a converted Saab 9-3 SportsCombi wagon, is equipped with a 184-HP electric motor.

ePower can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds, have a top speed of 93 mph and have a range of about 124 miles on a single charge, says SAAB.

ePower has a lithium-ion battery pack. This battery packs are placed at normal car's exhaust and fuel systems.

The batteries can be recharged in three to six hours, Saab says.

SAAB plans to build 70 ePowers and to start testing in Sweden, beginning next spring.

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