Avion drove 1,400 miles journey without refuelling

Craig Henderson of Bellingham, Washington, made a home-built car with his friend Bill Green which he planned to drive from the Canadian border to the Mexican border without stopping for fuel.

The car is named as Avion had completed the voyage, after using only 12.4 gallons of fuel, at an average of 119.1 miles per gallon.

This thing earned them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1986 during a similar drive from Canada to Mexico at an average 103.7 miles per gallon.

Avion in French is for airplane.The car body is made of fiberglass exterior and gullwing-style doors that swing up and out from the body.

Avion is powered by a 3-cylinder diesel engine from a Smart Fortwo is mounted behind the passenger compartment. Power is delivered to the rear wheels using a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission. It has a capacity for 2 adults.

The total driving time took 29 hours and 28 minutes. Stops were made for food and rest, but never fuel.

"People gave lots of thumbs-up and cellphones were out snapping pictures," Mr. Henderson said. The only hiccup came almost within site of the finish, during a grueling traffic jam in San Diego. "I was thinking, this won't work if I crash," Mr. Henderson said.

Two years ago he drove the car, a slightly updated version (he enlarged the gas tank from 10 gallons to 17) of the original Avion, at an average of 113.1 miles per gallon from the Canadian border to the Oregon line. But with corporate sponsorship from Goodyear that got him new tires, Mr. Henderson's ambitions turned back to a run along the length of the West Coast.

"It's great to get a sponsor to help do this," he said.

Mr. Henderson says work has already begun on a second Avion.

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