Nissan's AC system produces Vitamin C, hydrates your skin

Nissan is taking it Climate Control option to the Next Level. Nissan has developed technology that diffuses into the vehicle cabin breathable vitamin C that can supposedly help improve skin moisture.

Nissan has already implemented in the Fuga its "Forest AC" air conditioning system, which aims to recreate the breezes, temperature, humidity, and aroma of natural forests, and the carmaker is taking its environmental optimization to the next level with its new Advanced Climate Control System. The system enables the occupants to control the temperature, Plasmacluster Ions generator, and the grape polyphenol clean air filter, according to a Dailymail.

Designed by Sharp, the system's highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions are used to reduce airborne bacteria and mold levels; control odors; and deactivate allergens in the air, and recently research has reportedly shown that they help keep the skin naturally moisturized. The system also uses sensors to detect other noxious odors from farms or factories outside and automatically switches the ventilation system.

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