An Android app named State Farm, texts while you drive.

State Farm Insurance Company is updating its application for Android with a widget that will do your texting for you, sort of. The On the Move widget is essentially an SMS auto-responder that will intercept incoming text messages and automatically reply with a response.

After loading the app, users are able to compose and save their automated responses. Although the widget is primarily designed for use while in a moving vehicle, multiple responses can be saved and used for different situations or moods.

Similar auto-response widgets can be found as part of the free Vlingo voice and MotoSpeak applications for Android. State Farm does not have analogous widgets or functionality for the iPhone or Blackberry versions of its app, but states that its "development team is currently evaluating options beyond the Android offering."

The State Farm Pocket Agent app is compatible with devices running Android OS 1.5 or higher and is currently available as a free download in the Android Market or on State Farm's website.

Download the app

Source: androidplaza.blogspot

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