When two Sports car Meet !!!

How about having two sports cars working together ? How about Ferrari look like Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and Murcielago . No no i am not talking about any alliance or joint venture but a Japan Auto Tuning Co. which prepared a new body kit for the Ferrari F430. This new kit is under their SVR line which stands for Super Veloce Racing. Here are some pic which raise my heart beat.

It's got the front air dam, quarter panel intakes and rear wing like the hardcore Lambos, only they're applied to the outgoing mid-engined V8 Ferrari. As you can see in the attached image gallery, the Super Veloce Racing package can be applied to either Berlinetta or Spider bodystyles. 

During the Making :)

At Auto Show

Final Look on Road.

Src: Auto Veloce

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