Volvo XC90 under NHTSA scanner for Lightning Flaws.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is investigating older versions of Volvo XC90 models for potential faulty electronics that could cause the headlights and turn signals to fail. So far, the government isn't aware of any crashes resulting from the fault, but 21 owners have filed a complaint. The defect manifests itself on 2004-2005 XC90 SUVs, and NHTSA says that 93,487 vehicles are potentially impacted by the problem.

The defect isn’t linked to crashes or injuries, NHTSA said. The model years include about 93,487 vehicles, according to the regulator. When the unit controlling the electronic parts was replaced, the flaws were corrected, the agency said, citing the complainants.

“We will provide all the information that NHTSA asks and we’ll work closely with the agency to make sure the issue is resolved,” said James Hope, a U.S.-based Volvo spokesman.

- Bloomberg Inputs

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