Milestone for Audi , sells Two Million+ Vehichles in US

German Luxury Auto Maker Audi has just passed a Milestone by selling 2 Million Vehicle and going strong. In US, Audi started selling back from 1970 with the models like the Super 90 and 100. After 40 years in selling cars to the present day, the company is celebrating its 2 millionth vehicle sold in the United States. The Millionth car is said to be lucky car just happened to be a new A3 TDI which was was sold through Keyes Audi in Van Nuys, California.

Audi is predicting that in no time it will 3 millionth vehicle sold mark, since they had increased the Model Line up which is giving tough time to BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Src: Audi Press Release.


Audi Celebrates 2 Million U.S. Sales; Imagines How Cars Will Look When It Achieves 3 Million in Sales

HERNDON, Va., July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- -- The 2-millionth Audi: An A3 TDI sold by Keyes Audi in Van Nuys, Calif.

-- Audi is inviting car enthusiasts to predict how Audi models and
personal transportation will look when it achieves 3 million in U.S.
-- Audi of America began offering cars in the U.S. 40 years ago

The momentum that propelled Audi to record U.S. sales in the first half of 2010 also helped it achieve the benchmark of 2 million vehicles sold to American luxury car consumers.

The milestone came in late June with the sale of an Audi A3 TDI®, the reigning 2010 Green Car of the Year, to a customer at Keyes Audi in Van Nuys, Calif. The transaction involving a first-time Audi buyer illustrated how American luxury car buyers are moving Audi to the top of their shopping lists due to its roster of progressive models offering leading-edge technology and exceptional efficiency.

"The story of Audi in the U.S. is really a story written by the hundreds of thousands of people who've invited our brand into their lives," said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. "We're grateful for those opportunities."

Audi of America began offering its luxury cars to U.S. consumers 40 years ago with the Audi Super 90 and the Audi 100. It expects to reach its next million-car milestone in fewer years. This is because U.S. consumer awareness and consideration survey scores are at record levels and because of previously announced plans by AUDI AG to offer a broader lineup of vehicles to meet changing consumer demands. Since 2000, Audi has doubled its model count in the U.S. market and tripled the number of variants it offers.

Over the years, the evolution of the Audi brand has brought advances considered ahead of the competition in aerodynamics, all-wheel-drive with the introduction of quattro®, clean diesel and other technologies. The 2 million Audis sold in the U.S. include breakthrough models, such as the Coupe quattro, the Audi 5000, the Audi V8, the Audi A4, the Audi TT, the Audi R8, the Audi Q5 crossover, the Audi Q7 TDI clean diesel and the all-new Audi A8 flagship coming out in November.

Audi concept cars suggest there are indeed more progressive innovations and designs to come from Audi, including the e-tron electromobility studies.

To mark the achievement of reaching 2 million U.S. sales, Audi is using social media to invite auto enthusiasts to imagine how Audi vehicles and personal transportation will appear when the brand reaches 3 million in sales. That discussion can be found at under "Driver's Spotlight" and Facebook fans are encouraged to submit renderings depicting their visions of the future.

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