Evatran powers brings the concept of wireless recharging of cars.

The future of wireless recharging of cars soon to be real. The concept of  Evatran  "hands free" electric-vehicle charging station from Evatran powers nearby vehicles wirelessly, eliminating the need to recharge your cars manually.

The Plugless Power charging station, introduced this week at the Plug-In 2010 conference in San Jose, Calif., uses electromagnetic induction to deliver power to an electric vehicle's battery within its proximity. The station consists of a model-specific vehicle adapter that's mounted onto the car and a charging station with a floor-mounted magnetic charging block close to where the driver parks.

The wireless charging station is about 10 percent less efficient than charging stations that deliver power the old fashioned way with cords, Evatran says, but it charges in the same amount of time. To compensate for the increased energy loss during transfer, the Plugless Power uses slightly more energy.

But it is said to be cost effective. Evatran recently began customer trials near its headquarters in Wytheville, Va., and one participant who drives a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (an electric vehicle that doesn't travel at speeds higher than 25 or 35 mph) rang up a $1.43 bill to charge a Zenn.

Evatran plans to begin producing the Plugless Power by early 2011.

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