Citroen planning for the Electrical Survolt Concept Production?

The superbly designed Citroen Survolt was first unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show, the concept car is powered by dual electric motors that convert electric power into a combined 300 horsepower which produces enough force i.e., 738 pound-feet, to be exact to let Survolt zap to 62 mph in less than five seconds and onward to a reported top speed of 162mph.

The concept's twin 31 kW lithium ion batteries is said to have a range of 124 miles between two hour charging cycles with a vehicle specific high-output charger (or a 10-hour charge from a 220-volt appliance outlet). The most interesting part is that you might get one if you are lucky as Citroen is reportedly considering producing the electric racecar, albeit in limited quantities.

This can be confirmed by UK publication Autocar quotes a source at Citroen stating "It's still our intention to put the Survolt into low-volume production, and we're pursuing the idea of a one-make race series."

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