Nissan Sentra 2010

Nissan Sentra 2010 is a 4-door, 5-passenger family sedan produced by automaker Nissan Motors, available in 6 variants, namely the 2.0, 2.0 S, 2.0 SR, 2.0 SL, SE-R, SE-R Spec-V.

The Nissan Sentra was introduced for the 1982 model year as the US export name for the Nissan Sunny.

Nissan Sentra 2010 SPECIFICATIONS (Note: Some Spec might varies with variants):

Body style(s): 4 Door Sedan
Complete specifications: Specifications of Nissan Sentra 2010
Colors: Aspen White Pearl,Blue Onyx Metallic,Brilliant Silver Metallic,
Magnetic Gray Metallic,Super Black
Fuel Capacity:(gal) 14.5
Mileage(estimated)(city/highway): 24 / 31
Price Onwards: $15,420
Website: Nissan Sentra 2010 US

Nissan Sentra - What the Auto Press Says

The 2010 Nissan Sentra ranks 24 out of 30 Affordable Small Cars. This ranking is based on our analysis of 63 published reviews and test drives of the Nissan Sentra, and our analysis of reliability and safety data.

For 2010 Nissan has reworked its pricing structure so that all six trims of the new Sentra are offered with more features at a lower starting price, which means a savings ranging from a of little over $100 on the base trim to over $1,000 on the top-of-the-line models. That said, between its underpowered engine and bland exterior styling, there are definitely other options that are worth a look.

Little has changed about the 2010 Sentra since its redesign three years ago, but there are a few changes. To begin with, the Sentra receives a slightly updated look with new headlights, taillights and a redesigned grille. All trims are also getting higher quality cloth interiors.

The 2010 Nissan Sentra has a lot going for it -- decent gas mileage, a comfortable and roomy cabin and an impressive list of interior features -- so reviewers agree that it's a good choice as a daily driver. Nonetheless, for the most part, the automotive press is unimpressed with the Sentra. The biggest complaints concern the unimpressive engine and abundant interior plastics. If performance is important to you, you should definitely check out the Mazda3 for both its higher "fun-to-drive" quotient and starting price of about $1,000 less than the Sentra. The Volkswagen Jetta is also worth considering for its considerably smoother ride, although you will pay about $1,000 extra for the additional comfort. Moreover, if you're looking for a higher quality interior with a similarly long list of features in the same general price range, have a look at the Volkswagen Rabbit.

The Sentra's four basic trims (2.0, 2.0 S, 2.0 SR and 2.0 SL) are offered with a two-liter four-cylinder engine while the two more upscale trims (SE-R and SE-R Spec V) boast stronger engines. Be sure to check out this month's Nissan Deals, where we've done the research so you can get the best discounts and incentives on a new Nissan.

  • Nissan has seemed to do the impossible with its refreshed 2010 Sentra and has added more amenities for a lower price. Now that's a combination that won't get old anytime soon." -- Motor Trend
  • "The new Sentra...looks more mature than the overly edgy current model. Combine that with more features and options available at a lower starting price across the board, and we think the Sentra may have a fighting chance of moving up a spot or two in the small car segment." -- Autoblog
  • "Sentra is a competent compact sedan with a number of upscale features." -- Consumer Guide
  • "If it's overshadowed in this realm by the Honda Civic, at least it's roomy, possesses good road manners, and is priced to sell." -- Car and Driver
  • "Most people buy a compact car to get the job done: namely, traveling economically from point A to point B. Just because a compact car often is a utilitarian purchase doesn't mean it has to be generic. With the 2009 Sentra, Nissan injects character without forgetting the small-car manifesto: the car has to be inexpensive to buy and operate." -- Washington Times
  • "The 2009 Nissan Sentra is a decent choice for an economy sedan, mainly because of its spacious cabin. However, other choices are better rounded, particularly in terms of fun factor, even compared to the SE-R models." -- Edmunds

Sentra Performance - 6.8 (Mediocre)

The 2010 Nissan Sentra is best used as a daily driver rather than a high-performance machine. Car and Driver says it best, claiming that the Sentra "possesses good road manners" but is "ho-hum in the power department." Read More

Sentra Exterior - 6.9 (Mediocre)

For 2010, Nissan gives the new Sentra a more updated look with new headlights, taillights and a redesigned grille. The automotive press hasn't had time to weigh in on the new changes, but they were less than thrilled by the exterior styling of the 2009 Sentra. That model was often described as "corporate-looking" and "peculiar." "Let me just say this: I don't think the Sentra's styling is a home run," says the Washington Times. Read More

Sentra Interior - 7.9 (Good)

Reviewers are impressed with the 2010 Sentra's well-designed interior which is more spacious than the hum-drum tight squeezes that make up most of the affordable small car class. As puts it, "Just like its exterior, the Sentra's interior bests the competition." Read More

Sentra Safety - 9.6 (Excellent)

The federal government gave high marks to the 2010 Nissan Sentra in all crash tests, and although the insurance industry has not yet been able to complete its crash testing, the 2009 model earned top scores across the board. Read More

Sentra Reliability - 7.0 (Good)

The 2010 Nissan Sentra reliability score shown is the Predicted Reliability rating provided by J.D. Power and Associates. This score is based on trending the past three years of historical initial quality and dependability data from J.D. Power's automotive studies, specifically the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) and the Initial Quality Study (IQS). The Sentra has a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty, which is on the short side for the class. Read More


Stephen Rogers said...

Nissan Sentra is really for everyday drivers like me. I am still using my 2009 Sentra as I drive the highways of California, it has given me full comfort and safety. Still impressed with its classy and corporate look, and I'm looking forward to the new one. I really love cars from nissan. Redding CA car enthusiast has groups that are into Nissan. Anyway, great thing there's the new model!

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You did a great work by presenting the Nissan Sentra model that does have high configuration. The existence of quality photos with attractive video states about this model in a precious manner.

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