Massive Lamborghini meet up at St. Mortiz Switzerland[PICS].

How does it feel when you see a Super Exotic Sports Cars driving in front of you ?

ok, lets leave about it what will be you reaction when all the Super luxury, super fast exotic rally takes place ??

Mine reaction would be even though i am on foot i would like to follow them untill they are out of my sight even though its for a few mins. This Massive Lamborghini meet up took place at St. Mortiz Switzerland was worth watching, Here are the pics from David Kaiser who was lucky to cover the event.

By massive, we mean 110 Raging Bulls all ready to rack up mile after mile of some of the best driving roads on the face of the planet. The infamous Gallardo police car even showed up as escort, working to shepherd the droves of Countach, Murcielago and Miura models through the Swiss Alps. The man himself, Valentino Balboni, was also on hand to enjoy the occasion.

[Source: David Kaiser, The Auto Union]

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