Nissan LEAF is an electric car announced by Nissan in 2009. It is expected to be marketed in North America, Europe, and Japan, beginning in late 2010. Time magazine called it one of the 50 best inventions of 2009.
The EV-11 prototype electric car was based on the Nissan Tiida (Versa in US) platform, but uses an all-electric drive train including an 80 kW (110 hp)/280 N·m (210 lb·ft) electric motor, 24kWh lithium-ion battery pack rated to have a range of 100 miles (160 km) on the EPA LA-4 or "city" driving cycle, navigation system, and remote control & monitoring using a cellphone connection through Nissan's secure data center to the car.The prototype was on display July 26, 2009.A week later, on August 2, 2009, the production version was unveiled at Nissan's Yokohama headquarters and is set to begin selling in both the North American market and Japan in 2010.
HOMEPAGE: Nissan Leaf

The Leaf uses a front-mounted electric motor driving the wheels, powered by a 24kW·h/90 kW lithium ion battery pack. The expected cruising range is the same as the EV-11 prototype, as is the engine.The battery pack is made of air-cooled stacked modules.Nissan Leaf has a top speed of over 140 km/h (87 mph).
The battery can be charged to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes with a special quick charger[9] that sends 440/480 volt direct current to the battery. It can also be charged from a conventional 110- or 220-volt alternating current outlet.


Zero-emissions vehicle
Body style(s): 5-door hatchback
Layout: FF layout
Engine(s): synchronous motor
Wheelbase: 106.3 in (2700 mm)
Length: 175.0 in (4445 mm)
Width: 69.7 in (1770 mm)
Height: 61.0 in (1549.4 mm)
Fuel capacity: 24 kW·h (Li-ion battery)
Electric range: 100 mi (160 km) on the US LA-4

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