Mercury Mariner Hybrid

The Mercury Mariner compact SUV was introduced in 2005. It is a sibling of the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape, although it is slightly more upmarket than the other two. Mechanically, it is identical to the Ford Escape (with the exception of being offered with only an automatic transmission). It also includes stylistic differences, such as a two-tone interior, European-style turn signal repeaters, monotone cladding, and the signature Mercury "waterfall" front grille. The Mariner is Mercury's first car-based SUV, and is slotted below the Mountaineer in the lineup.


Manufacturer Ford Motor Company
Production 2005-Present
Class Compact SUV
Body style(s) 4-door SUV
Layout Front engine, front-wheel drive / four-wheel drive
Platform Ford CD2 platform
Engine(s) 2.3L 153 hp (114 kW) I4
3.0L 200 hp (150 kW) V6
Transmission(s) 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase 103.1 in (2619 mm)

Hybrid :

In 2006 the Mariner Hybrid hit dealer lots. It is mechanically identical to its sibling, the Ford Escape Hybrid. Like the Ford Escape Hybrid, The Mariner Hybrid is a "full" hybrid electric system, meaning the system can switch automatically between pure electric power, pure gasoline engine power, or a combination of electric battery and gasoline engine operating together, for maximum performance and efficiency at all speeds and loads. When braking or decelerating, the Mariner's hybrid system uses regenerative braking, where the electric drive motor becomes a generator, converting the vehicle's momentum back to electricity for storage in the batteries. With 155 hp (116 kW), the Mariner Hybrid has nearly the same acceleration performance as the conventional 200 hp (150 kW) V6 Mariner.

Second generation : (specifications)

Production 2008-Present
Assembly Claycomo, Missouri
Length 175.2 in (4450 mm)
Premier: 175.5 in (4458 mm)
Width 71.1 in (1806 mm)
Height 68.8 in (1748 mm)

For the 2008 model year the Mariner was significantly updated with a new look although built on the Ford CD2 platform used by the previous generation Mariner.

The changes included a new seats, headlights, taillights, a new liftgate, a higher beltline and new doors and wheels.

The interior was also significantly updated with higher quality materials and more refined features.

The engines remained the same but the 3.0L Duratec V6 has been modified to reduce fuel consumption by 10%

The first 2008 Mercury Mariner was unveiled at the South Florida International Auto Show on October 6, 2006 and was touted as a new direction for the Mercury Brand.


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